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  • Kevin Barton

    Kevin can frequently be seen painting landscapes on location throughout the area. He greatly enjoys the work of other artists, the study of which has bartonenriched his life.

    This is blended with his unique style that brings patterns of colors and shapes to the canvas. This young artist has a bright future and has been awarded Best of Show by Detroit Institute of Arts, Common Ground Sanctuary’s Art show and received first place for the Masterpiece Arts Interpretations contest.

    Locally, Kevin’s art received Best in Show in Petoskey Art Fair along with acknowledgment from Traverse Magazine for “Up and Coming” artists to watch for.

    Janet BaughmanJanet B

    It is difficult to believe when one sees her pastel, mixed media, oils or collage landscapes, that this is the same artist that also designs and creates in ceramic.

    In college, Janet took an art class only because it was required. She found the art class so appealing that she took one after another. Eventually, having taken every art class offered, the university had to design independent studies for her.

    Janet’s soft landscapes create a feeling of peace and serenity although she does not consciously paint a message.



    John BaughmanJohn B

    When viewing his abstract paintings, it is clear that he is not locked into one thing.

    Oil plays a very important role in his art, but John’s art is continually experimenting using new mediums. John’s mother always thought he was a little bit of a rebel. And not just because he mixed his paints and painted out of the lines on his paint-by-number pictures.

    To this day he marches to his own drummer, which is apparent when viewing his multi-media artwork. That is also part of the charm.

    “Art is the core of my life.” – John


    Elaine Caseelaine case

    Elaine is indebted to her incredible teachers that have brought out her creative side through painting with watercolors. While painting she becomes so relax that she loses track of time, great therapy!

    She has been painting for 10 years and can’t imagine ever stopping.



    Ken Christensenken christensen

    For eight years, Ken lived in Europe teaching and painting, he also attended the University of Manchester in England and the L’Ecole de Beaux Arts at the Louvre in Paris, France.

    His use of bold color and plein-air technique reflect the style of the French Fauves painters Derain, Matisse and Marquet.

    Ken is dedicated to sharing the tradition of the Fauves by teaching workshops and collaborating with other artists.


    dove dayDove Day

    Recycling is important to Dove, so most of her art is crafted from recycled paper. This technique is called tight roll quelling. When handcrafting an item her focus is to use as many natural and re-purposed materials as possible to create a unique framed piece of art.





    Nancy Drewnancy drew

    Her art is chatty, uplifting, funny and kind. It plays with the joys and sorrows of living. She has been a cartoonist for Chicago Tribune, as well as nationally published magazines. Her pro-bono work regarding Breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, and children’s art remain a heartfelt passion for over 30 years.

    Carolyn Finkcarolyn fink

    Her creation process of each piece involves spending quite some time selecting exactly which found object to use. Scrap pieces of metal so not randomly go together.

    There is much swapping around till just the right combination is discovered. All the while there is the personal goal to be original. She creates unique experience every time a new sculpture is developed.

    Tom Franzosifranzosi

    For many years, Tom has enjoyed collecting and searching for beautiful rocks. Through travels he has acquired a large collection and wanted to learn to cut and polish the stones. Discovering the art of lapidary and cabochon creation lead him to metal smithing as well.

    Tom says, “The art of jewelry making intrigues me, combining stunning stones, gems and various metals into distinctive jewelry, never ceases to hold my interest.”


    Kathleen C. Fritzkathleen fritz

    After a decade of accomplishments as a commercial illustrator, Kathleen decided to enter the world of fine art.

    Her distinctive paintings feature a realistic and sensitive approach to the nuances of the everyday life.

    She is inspired by the shores and rolling dunes of West Michigan. Her goal is to capture the essence of life through art.

    Jack Giguerejack giguere

    Specializing in rendering of architectural subjects in watercolor, pen and ink, and mixed medium, Jack’s art is a natural extension of his architectural interests.

    His paintings have appeared on Maryland’s Tidewater Times and Petoskey’s Bay View Association’s program covers.

    Randall Higdonhigdon

    Drawing upon his immediate surroundings and places visited for inspiration, he offers enduring experiences where past and present meet.

    Higdon is a signature member of the prestigious American Watercolor Society in New York and the National Society of Marine Artists in Bridgeport Connecticut.


    Kristin Hurlin

    Kristin has been creating detailed ink drawings since 1964, and her illustrations have been nationally published. She lived in Italy and Turkey and was influenced by renaissance art and Turkish tiles.

    She has received two national first place awards and numerous first places from local art shows and events.

    Tera Jacksontera jackson

    She creates one-of-a-kind designs with her Dichroic glass jewelry. This unique glass contains multiple layers which reflect an array of color and shapes.

    Her collection offers rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and custom knobs and pulls for cabinets.


    Jim Jacobyjim jacoby

    Jim has been a professional photographer for 25 years, starting with private & corporate clients.

    For the past 10 years his passion turned toward the beauty of creation and the natural world. Jim has traveled extensively, although his favorite place to wander is the Great Lakes. He says “I never lose my fascination with the richness and diversity of this area.

    His images have been published globally in magazines, books, and calendars.

    Jeff Josephjeff joseph

    Jeff has always specialized in painting sports. His paintings are about the quiet moments of sports as well as the shifting and complex panorama of all sports.

    After taking numerous photos of the subject, he will sketch the design onto canvas and then paints with oils to finish the original. These originals take anywhere from four months to a year to complete.

    Thomas LeGault

    Thomas first discovered his passion for painting at age thirteen. He received his formal training at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. He is best known for his distinct style of painting outside the margins which draws you into the landscape, along with strong use of color, and mirror reflective imaging. Traveling with his sketch book and camera, LeGault gathers inspiration and experience while enjoying plein air painting.

    Thomas has received many best of show awards while exhibiting in galleries, museums, shows and art tours. Come see the new collection of his paintings, sizes from 20” x 20” to 3ft x 6ft.

    Michael Maitnermichael m

    Michael is a self taught artist. He brings landscapes to a different perspective, with a touch of whimsy.

    His original oils are in a category of their own adding a unique style to the galleries collection. Michael’s work is part of the Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital’s permanent collection, along with Grand Valley State University and Kent County collections.

    Catherine McClungmcclung

    Catherine loves painting birds in their natural habitat on watercolor paper. At first she painted all subjects, but the most popular images were birds, her well attended backyard feeder seemed like all the reference she needed.

    She also captures the geese overhead, kingfisher chattering and raucous Blue Jays. The flowers of her gardens and friends gardens find their way into her art.

    Connie McEwan

    Connie’s painting technique is called Venetian oil painting, developed in the early 16th century. It is an mcewanevolution of the Flemish technique using transparent glazes and scumbling to help create optical illusions. The painting begins with a careful drawing of the subject on canvas. Next is the imprimatura – a thin covering of a half-tone shade to allow for the proper value definition in the lights and darks to come.

    The local color follows and rendering begins wherein colors, lights and shadows are adjusted and lines are softened or tightened and emphasized.   Glazing is the final painting stage. It is done in thin transparent veils of color used to add depth.

    Michael McPeakmcpeak

    As a photographer the print media he chose is Silk Giclee. His photos are printed on a silk-like fabric that is made to hang from a rod, eliminating a need for a frame.

    The image is further enhanced by the natural light passing through the lightweight silk. Michael’s photography captures a quiet moment in light and time.


    Karen VanDam MichmerhuizenAurora Blue & Orange Lilies

    Using both brushes and palette knife has given her excitement  for putting oil on canvas. She wants the viewer of her work to feel like they want to be at the same spot, to feel the sun, hear the waves, or smell the flowers.

    Karen says there is a need in her soul, whether it is gardening or painting, to help in some small way to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful place.

    Mary Paquette

    paquetteShe loves creating one-of-a-kind pieces that make a statement. Whether they are bold, sculptural, or contemporary her designs are a made with the finest gemstones including: pure silver, sterling silver and 14 karat gold.

    Mary’s collection of fine designer jewelry includes her use of precious metals clay, this medium allows her to set stones in pure silver.


    George Peebles

    peeblesHis impressionistic oil paintings are a colorful, bold reflection of the Midwest landscape. Every stroke he paints is an inward expression of his emotions.

    Peebles majored in five areas of art which include: Painting, drawing, print making, watercolor and sculpture. His paintings have been showcased in many places and he has won numerous awards.


    David Pickett

    pickettHis unique oil paintings capture experimental and subjective realism with bright colors and energy.

    David’s impressionistic images take you to a vibrant, colorful place of enjoyment, the world through his eyes.



    John Riepma

    John’s focus is simple coloration and classical symmetrical form. He feels the natural properties of glass both transmit and reflect light and enhance the quality of that light in the process, add grace and beauty to simple forms.

    His goal as a glass technician and artist is to design and make objects that people enjoy enough to add to their surroundings and enjoy again every time they view them.


    poulsonLisa Poulson-Schneider

    I’ve been working with glass since 1997, when I began making stained glass windows for my ca. 1839 house in Ann Arbor. I started working with kilnformed glass in 2004.

    Glass Fusing: Different types of glass can be fused together in a kiln to make interesting patterns. Glass can also be shaped in a kiln by allowing it to ‘drape’ over ceramic or metal forms. Glass fusing/shaping can be accomplished at temperatures of 1200-­‐1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Enamel Paintings: The enamel that I use is crushed glass mixed  with pigment. I apply the enamel in both powder and liquid forms. The enamel is fused to glass in a kiln at a temperature of 1290 degrees. These paintings require several layers of enamel and glass to achieve the desired effect. A single painting will require at least five separate 4-­‐hour kiln cycles.

    schroederKathy Schroeder

    Using local scenes and images, Kathy works with watercolor and ink. Vintage frames are used and many times vintage backings.

    Her whimsical look at everyday life in northern Michigan is brought out in these fun paintings.


    Marilyn Stockwellstockwell

    “The Painter of Precious Pets,” Marilyn adores animals and captures their spirit with her paints. Each impressionistic watercolor pet portrait has developed a personality of its own.

    Marilyn is very much involved in the arts both as a singer and a painter. She attacks watercolors, mixed media and collage with bold spontaneous energy.


    Jodie Struthers

    Befriending a cowboy in South Dakota he introduced her to wild horses, the geography, the environment and how they all fit together.

    Jodie has honored these stallions by capturing every detail with her oils onto canvas.

    She loves the process of painting and being able to tell a story or least give hints about the story through her work for the viewer to ponder.

    Rick Thompson

    Rick has been a long time employee of Stafford’s Hospitality and in his spare time he draws with pencils or pastels, and paints on paper and canvas.

    His love for architectural is apparent with his detail drawings of buildings and their setting.


    Valerie Thomsonthomson

    Her beautiful impressionistic paintings back in our area. Since her move from this area, she selected Stafford’s Gallery to represent her original paintings along with her prints and note card collection.

    Valerie loves capturing northern Michigan landscapes with her soft brush strokes and strong colors.



    Connie Timmertimmer

    “Happy” is expressed in her paintings. Using only primary colors, this was influenced after studying in France.

    Connie paints what she sees, mostly local scenes with acrylic on canvas.


    tomasekKathleen Tomasek

    After many years as an interior architectural designer Kathleen returned to her first art passion, painting with watercolor.

    “My goal in painting is to portray the pleasure I find in a subject in a way that impacts the viewer. The flow of watercolor with its transparency, spontaneity, and colors, bold and delicate, help me to achieve that goal.” – Kathleen

    Jim Williamswilliams

    A self taught impressionistic realist painter depicting a style that is partly derived from the study of classical 19th and 20th century American and European artists.

    His paintings are oils on canvas using brushed and palette knife. His work is a continual growing process which gives him personal pleasure and an opportunity to learn new methods of painting that help him redefine places and events in his life.

    Glory Woodwood

    “Everything I look at is a painting,” says artist Glory Wood. Perhaps that’s why her art is so versatile.

    Each painting is a surprise, mirroring her passion for life and art. Her palette is very unique with distinctive and striking color combinations.

    When approaching a painting she lets the spontaneity and intuitiveness emerge from deep within. Her work ranges from mystic watercolors to impressionistic oils, from abstracts to portraits.