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A New Spin on Old Traditions

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We are finding more and more couples putting new spins on old traditions. Here’s our list of the recent trends we love!
Traditional: Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Scattering Flowers and Holding the Rings
Trendy: Have the ring bearer escort the flower with holding a handmade sign “Here comes the bride.” (top right image)Traditional: Not Seeing Each Other Until The Wedding

Trendy: First Look Photos! Photographers have noted that first look photos are the best and they capture the intimate moment between the bride and groom without distractions. (bottom right image)

Traditional: Receiving Line
Trendy: Host a cocktail hour. With first look photos, the bride and groom have more time between the ceremony and reception to visit with their guests. (bottom left image)

Traditional: Tossing The Bouquet
Trendy: Give the bouquet to a grandmother or the oldest couple attending the wedding.

Wedding TraditionsTraditional: Party Favors
Trendy: Many couples put together a ‘sweets’ table with candy and other confections matching their color schemes. It allows guests to take home a favor or in this case, a goody bag if they would like. (top left image)

Traditional: A One Day Event
Trendy: Make it a wedding weekend. Invite guests for a cook-out or a non-formal dinner followed by post-wedding brunch. They will love feeling a part of your entire weekend. (middle right image)

Are you sticking with old traditions on your wedding day or bringing in something new? We would love to hear from you!

Photo Credits
Top Image: Loon Lake Photography
Top left: Harrison Studio
Bottom left: Paul Retherford Photography
Top right: Pinterest
Middle right: Pinterest
Bottom right: Paul Retherford Photography

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