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Beds by Design – The Making of a Stafford’s Pineapple Bed

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BBD LogoDuring the month of December, we gave our Facebook family a chance to win one of two custom Stafford’s Pineapple Bed. Our lucky winners, Kendra and Misty (along with her husband Brian), visited Beds By Design in Harbor Springs to make their signature hand-crafted pineapple beds. Join us as we show you how “Dreams Come True!”


Collin, Brian, Misty, Zach, Kendra and Rory

Rory Karpathian, owner of Beds By Design in Harbor Springs, has been in the business for over 30 years and Beds By Design has been handcrafting beds for over 10 years. Their process is all in the details.

The first step, picking the firmness of the mattress. They tested a few beds to determine thier preference. Stafford’s Pineapple Beds, found in our hotel rooms, are designed to suit your sleeping preference – firm on one side and plush on the other.

After selecting the firmness, the “Dream Team” (with the help of Kendra, Misty and Brian), began cutting and sewing the fabric that is needed to start the process of making the mattress.DSC_0323


p2Up next, it’s time to build the mattress! There are many layers of natural fibers that go into a Beds By Design handcrafted mattress for a lifetime guarantee of comfort. First, we assemble their custom box spring. Each coil is inserted into place on a grid by hand and then nailed down to a wood frame. On a queen size box spring there are 80 coils.


pine 2

pineapple 6

pineapple 1

pineapple 2

The components of the mattress are then added to the spring unit and then the panels are hog-ringed to the spring unit and ready for the tufting machine.

pineapple 3

pineapple 4

pineapple 5

After adding the layers to the spring unit, the mattress is then placed into a tufting machine. Beds By Design is one of the few mattress manufacturers who still use hand tufting in their process, which is critical for longevity and ultimate support in a mattress.

pineapple 7

Rory, Kendra and Stafford’s signed a business card to create a time capsule for the Pineapple Beds!

The mattress is manually compressed. This compresses the components in the mattress evenly to proceed with hand tufting. Once this step is done, the tufting machine is vertically flipped.

Pineapple 8

After the mattress is compressed, we begin preparing our rosettes and tufts to be tufted into the mattress. The rosettes are made out of wool yarn.


Smile Misty & Kendra!

Now we begin the tufting process with a long tufting needle, that injects the tufts into the mattress.  It’s harder then it looks!

Pineapple 9

The tufting process has now been completed. The mattress is now ready for the final stages.

Pineapple 10

First, the mattress needs to be prepped for the tape edge machine. This is done by hand stuffing cotton into the corners of the mattress. DSC_0692

Next,  the mattress is slid into the tape edge machine – this uses a binding tape to binds the sides to the edge of the mattress.

Pineapple 11

Pineapple 12

pineapple 13

The final step to complete the mattress is a very important detail – adding the Beds By Design and Stafford’s Hospitality labels. On Stafford’s Pineapple Beds found in our guest rooms, there is a label on each side. One label is firm, the other plush.


Now that these steps have been completed, the Stafford’s crew, Misty, Brian and Kendra “graduated” from mattress school during their visit!


“This is like sleeping on a cloud!” -Kendra    

“After a week of sleeping on our new bed, I absolutely love it.” – Misty

Thank you Rory and the Dream Team at Beds By Design for allowing our guests to win a Stafford’s Pineapple Bed!

Beds By Design Show Room – Harbor Springs
8643  M-119
Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Phone: (231) 347-0696
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