Earn points while dining, receive member only discounts and more!

It’s simple. Here’s how it works.

  • Complete a Frequent Diner Card Form
  • Receive one point for every dollar spent
  • For every $100 spent, you receive a $10 voucher to use on your next visit (redeemable at any Stafford’s dining location)
  • Receive exclusive dining offers, birthday rewards and anniversary rewards

To sign up for the Frequent Diner Club, please visit any of our unique dining establishments or sign up below. If you have any questions about our Frequent Diner Club, please email us at





  • Join our Frequent Diner program and earn one point for each dollar you spend on food and beverage (excludes tax, tip or banquets).
  • We will track your points for you and you will receive a summary of total points on the bottom of your check each time you make a purchase. (this total does not include purchase of same day).
  • You will receive a $10 voucher upon reaching your $100 spent (these print automatically upon the server entering your name into our system)
  • No purchase is necessary to receive a card. To sign up you can fill out the form online or at your favorite Stafford’s property and you will receive your personalized card. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of permanent membership card.
  • The card will be activated on the first use of the card at any one of our dining establishments. Previous purchases will not accumulate points. Points will only be issued on the day of the purchase.
  • Cards may be used for points only. It is not a credit card or house account and has no cash value.
  • Points are not awarded on gratuities, taxes, discounts, purchasing gift certificates, banquets, or other offers.
  • Members are responsible for notifying Stafford’s Hospitality of address and e-mail changes.
  • Stafford’s is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail containing award vouchers.
  • Stafford’s reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges’ and void members point value if any unauthorized points are awarded or redeemed if fraud is suspected.
  • Stafford’s employees and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the Frequent Dining Club.
  • Stafford’s reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time.
  • We recommend using your permanent address for all Frequent Diner information.
  • It is understood that the accumulated points are not the members property and may be revoked cancelled, limited or modified at any time even though such action effect the members points.
  • Stafford’s Frequent Diner program is intended for individual use only. Benefits may not be accumulated for business activity.
  • Members agree that filling out and submission of the application constitutes consent and agreement to all provisions and conditions specified on the Frequent Diner website.
  • Only the member paying the bill will receive points.
  • Private events booked through the Stafford’s Sales Department are not eligible for points.
  • We reserve the right to cancel accounts with no activity after 2 years.
  • Only one award card can be redeemed per visit and award cards will have expiration dates.
  • Stafford’s reserves the right to charge $5 for each additional or replacement card.


How much does it cost to enroll in the Frequent Dining Program?
Currently there is no charge. You will be considered a VIP Charter member. After the program is up and running there will be a charge for joining the program for new members.

Can I earn points on tax & tip?
No. Points are earned on food and drinks only.

Do rewards expire?
Yes. As noted on the reward card.

Do I earn points dependent on the form of check payment?
No. Cash, checks or acceptable credit cards earn the same number of points.

Can I earn points when paying for a meal with a Stafford’s Gift Card?
Yes. Reward points are given for the redemption of Gift Cards, not for purchasing Gift Cards.

Do I earn points for Gift Card purchases?
No. Frequent Diner points are not given for purchasing Gift Cards.

What if I want to go to dinner with another Stafford Frequent Diner Rewards Member and I want to pay for the entire bill. Can I have the points divided between my dining companion and me?
No. Only the Frequent Diner that pays for the bill gets the points.

Can I earn points on the entire check if I take someone to dinner and we split the bill?
No. You earn points on the whole purchase only if you pay for the entire purchase. You can earn points on that part for which you are paying and the credit card name matches the frequent Diner Account member’s name.

What if I send a family member to the restaurant? Can they redeem rewards with my card?

What if I lose my Frequent Dining Card and someone uses it to redeem my reward points. Can I still redeem my points?
No. We cannot be responsible for lost cards any more than we can for the cash in a lost wallet. Please report a lost card so your account can be deactivated.

If I come in and have dinner but forget my card, can I still earn reward points?
Yes, we can find your account information at all locations.

Can I earn points for previous purchases?
Points accumulate after enrollment only.

Can I earn points on take-out orders?

I spent last night staying in a guest room at Stafford’s do my lodging charges count?
No, Frequent Dining program is only a dining program.