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Did you know, the average wedding has 400 lbs. of garbage? Many couples are incorporating a ‘green theme’ to their wedding events. At Stafford’s, each of our hotels are green.
Stafford’s Perry Hotel has earned its certification as a Green Lodging Facility in the state of Michigan. This puts us in a group of only a handful of hotels in the state. We were the first in the leader category and we are ranked highest in the state!

Our staff has been working hard to educate themselves and our guests on the importance of a recycling program. We have been proud of our recycling habits for many years, but we have set new goals and taken our program to the next level.

To name a few of our advances, we now offer recycling containers in all of our guest rooms, kitchen operations have been revamped to incorporate a stronger recycle program, sales and management offices now use recycled paper for nearly everything. This has all but eliminated a need for garbage containers throughout our offices. Also, a brand new 93% efficient boiler system was installed to heat our guest rooms and domestic water.

While staying with us you will have the opportunity to become involved in our quest for a greener earth. A few ways you can help include:

  • Reuse linens during stay
  • Use the recycle containers provided in each of our rooms for paper, tin, plastic & batteries
  • Turn televisions and lights off when not in the room
  • Tell a friend

There are many ways we can work together for a better earth and plan a green wedding! Here are a few ideas from couples who are ‘going green’ (ideas adopted from the Green Bride Guide).

  1. Invitations: Go paperless. There are many online sites (example: http://www.paperlesspost.com/) that allow you to send an invitation electronically.
  2. Rings: Vintage for her, recycled gold for him! Talk with your jeweler to see if old jewelry can be redone to make a traditional piece.
  3. Aisle Runners: Add a creative touch to the traditional aisle runner. We found some examples on Pinterest.
  4. Guest Favors: In lieu of the traditional favor, give guests small tree, seeds or edible local foods. What a great memory of your day!
  5. Gowns: Several designers create eco-friendly wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. We found a few resourceful sites:
  6. Accessories: Brides are reusing their grandmothers or mothers veils in place of buying new. They are also switching to vintage hair clips, colorful vegan shoes and vintage hats!
  7. Food and Drink: Choose vegetarian or vegan options for entrees and offer Micro-brews!
  8. Cake Toppers: Many brides are doing a DIY piece to top their cake – we suggest using Pinterest for inspiration.
  9. Flowers: Incorporate lemons or limes into centerpieces to use the next day. Or take a spin on the traditional floral bouquet and create a broach or button bouquet.
  10. Registries: Choose Eco-friendly home goods or do a charity donation.

Bird Heart

(found on Pinterest)
Broach Bouquet (found on Pinterest)
Centerpieces: Past Bride
Green Bride Guide






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