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Have A Seat! Part 1: Choosing The Perfect Layout

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An important topic of conversation as your wedding day approaches is to discuss the seating options for your bridal party, your parents and yourselves – of course!

The best part about planning a wedding these days is that almost anything is possible and it’s fun to change things up and try something different! We love working with our engaged couples and discussing ideas of how to make their wedding day uniquely special to them and their guests.

Long Traditional Head Table 


An option for couples that like the idea of sitting with their bridal party and having their head table as a focal point of the room. Typically set up with long banquet tables.


*Our couples that have booked their reception in the H.O. Rose Room at the Perry Hotel have the “unique” opportunity to use our banquets as an elevated head table. This option provides a private table for the couple, while being seated with their bridal party on both sides.

Captain’s Table 


Large square/rectangle table set up using banquet tables facing each other. The couple typically sit in the middle of the table, facing out to the rest of the room. The bridal party then sits around the table facing the couple.

Sweetheart Table


A small table (typically a half moon table) solely for the couple. This option allows for them to create a smaller focal point and dress it up extra special for the two of them. Some couples enjoy the “together time” they get to have when seated at their very own table for two!

Family Table 


The couple also have the option to share their dinner/head table with both sets of parents. Either using banquet tables or a round table.

A few things for the couple to take into consideration for when planning seating arrangements for the bridal parents, their parents and themselves:

  • Will the dates and significant others of the bridal party be sitting with the couple at the head table or will they be assigned to separate tables during dinner?
  • If there is a large bridal party with dates and significant others, the couple might consider having multiple “round head tables” at the front of the room, so that the bridal party members can sit with their dates and still be close to the couple (who might be at a sweetheart table, for example).
  • If the majority of the bridal party are single, the couple can choose to seat all bridal party members together at their own table or with other friends and family.
  • Another option would be to have the couple sit with the Maid of Honor and Best Man (and their dates, if preferred). Then, the rest of the bridal party at surrounding tables.


There are lots of options and variations for seating arrangements! View more inspiration on our Pinterest page.






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