• Reservations
  • July

    Sunday, July 1: Mike Ridley
    Monday, July 2: Oh Brother Big Sister
    Tuesday, July 3: Brett Mitchell & The Giant Ghost
    Wednesday, July 4: Distant Stars (Rose Garden Veranda)
    Thursday, July 5: Tyler Parkin
    Friday, July 6: Tyler Parkin
    Saturday, July 7: A Brighter Bloom Trio

    Sunday, July 8: Zak Bunce Duo
    Monday, July 9: Pete Kehoe
    Tuesday, July 10: Pistil Whips
    Wednesday, July 11: Patrick Ryan
    Steel Drum Band on the Veranda
    Thursday, July 12: Ben Abott
    Friday, July 13: Brian Goins
    Saturday, July 14: Brian Goins

    Sunday, July 15: Ben Overbeek
    Monday, July 16: Moon Howlers
    Tuesday, July 17: Billy Jewel
    Wednesday, July 18: Patrick Ryan
    Thursday, July 19: Michelle Chenard
    Friday, July 20: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, July 21: Sleeping Gypsies

    Sunday, July 22: Real Ingredients
    Monday, July 23: Pistil Whips
    Tuesday, July 24: Will Springsteen
    Wednesday, July 25: Patrick Ryan
    Thursday, July 26: Michelle Chenard
    Friday, July 27: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, July 28: Alex Mendenall

    Sunday, July 29: Brett Mitchell & The Giant Ghost
    Monday, July 30: Real Ingredients
    Tuesday, July 31: Pete Kehoe


    Wednesday, August 1: Mike Struwin
    Thursday, August 2: Mike Struwin
    Friday, August 3: Michelle Chenard
    Saturday, August 4: The Afterwhile

    Sunday, August 5: The Afterwhile
    Monday, August 6: Pistil Whips
    Tuesday, August 7: Ben Overbeek
    Wednesday, August 8: Patrick Ryan
    Thursday, August 9: Oh Brother Big Sister
    Friday, August 10: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, August 11: Real Ingredients

    Sunday, August 12: Zac Bunce Band
    Monday, August 13: Pete Kehoe
    Tuesday, August 14: Missy Zenker
    Wednesday, August 15: Ben Abbott
    Thursday, August 16: Michelle Chenard
    Friday, August 17: A Brighter Bloom Trio
    Saturday, August 18: Sleeping Gypsies

    Sunday, August 19: Real Ingredients
    Monday, August 20: Pistil Whips
    Tuesday, August 21: Ben Overbeek
    Wednesday, August 22: Missy Zenker
    Thursday, August 23: Brett Mitchell & The Giant Ghost
    Friday, August 24: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, August 25: Sweet Tooth

    Sunday, August 26: Moonhowlers
    Monday, August 27: Real Ingredients
    Tuesday, August 28: Oh Brother Big Sister
    Wednesday, August 29: Pete Kehoe
    Thursday, August 30: Billy Jewel
    Friday, August 31: Alex Mendenall


    Saturday, September 1: Sleeping Gypsies
    Sunday, September 2: Sutton James Papanikolas

    Friday, September 7: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, September 8: Pistil Whips

    Friday, September 14: Charlie Milikin
    Saturday, September 15: Charlie Milikin

    Friday, September 21: A Brighter Bloom
    Saturday, September 22: John Stockdale

    Friday, September 28: Mike Ridley
    Saturday, September 29: Pistil Whips