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Spook-tacular Art at Stafford’s Gallery

By October 29, 2017 No Comments

Happy Halloween from Stafford’s Gallery! We wish you all a ‘spook-tacular’ day full of tricks and treats. Here’s a little treat for your eyes today:
Metal Art By Carlolyn Fink


Her creation process of each piece involves spending quite some time selecting exactly which found object to use. Scrap pieces of metal so not randomly go together.

There is much swapping around till just the right combination is discovered. All the while there is the personal goal to be original. She creates unique experience every time a new sculpture is developed.

Glass Art By John Riepma

John’s focus is simple coloration and classical symmetrical form. He feels the natural properties of glass both transmit and reflect light and enhance the quality of that light in the process, add grace and beauty to simple forms.

His goal as a glass technician and artist is to design and make objects that people enjoy enough to add to their surroundings and enjoy again every time they view them.

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