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Wedding Feature: Matt & Kristen

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Matt & Kristen were married in September of last year at Stafford’s Perry Hotel in beautiful Petoskey, MI.
Their Story
Although Matt and I attended the same high school, we ‘officially’ met while we were both working summer jobs at a local country club.  We became friends almost instantly and found ourselves talking on a regular basis. So, when the time came to leave my job – I found myself missing Matt, missing him a lot.  A couple of months later I received a phone call from an unknown number… and, it was Matt!  It seemed that we literally picked-up right where we left off.  Only this time, not as friends … we started dating almost instantly and quickly became inseparable – we were a ‘couple’, a bona-fide ‘we’. We tackled life together and rode its’ wave of up’s and down’s.  Eventually, we bought a house together and found ourselves being the ‘proud parents’ to our dog named ‘Bogey’, a blind-in-one-eye Shetland Sheepdog. Life was good – so good.

A couple of years into our life together, while Matt was going for a run with Bogey in the spring, we found out that Matt had a heart condition – in fact, the doctors found a 90% blockage in one of his major arteries. Our world literally seemed to come to a screeching halt (we only know how to describe that time as ‘scary’ because that’s what it was).  After a few tests, a minor-surgery, a stent, and a couple thousand prayers – Matt’s heart was ‘fixed’ and thankfully, the love of my life was back to his old self. Or, so I thought …

One Sunday afternoon in late August, Matt took me out to dinner. Only it was more than just dinner – he was crazy nervous, not making much sense, and literally sweating.  I thought something was wrong with him and I was getting a little anxious. I was almost ready to get up and leave when it finally made sense … he proposed (and, of course I said yes)!  We scurried out of the restaurant and quickly called our family and friends to spread the good news. And, within a few days, we were planning the wedding of our dreams!

We decided to have our wedding at Stafford’s Perry Hotel instantaneously – in fact, it was the only venue we visited. I spent my summer’s growing up at a family cottage on Burt Lake, and Matt and I both pretty much have somewhat of a love-affair with the Petoskey area (many would consider that as under-statement). We wanted an evening full of love and laughter with smiling, familiar faces, complete with excellent food, drinks and an ambiance to die for. So, we opted for a fall wedding, and hosted a small, intimate gathering (immediate family and close friends only) on a Friday evening in late September.

We really tried to focus on what meant the most to us … family. Our parents were with us every step of the way –and, we couldn’t have been more blessed to have their support.  And, all of the jewelry I wore was borrowed from a family member or given to me by a family member; Matt wore his grandfather’s cuff links and my grand father’s tie; the welcome arrival gifts for our guests included home-made goodies made by both my mom and Matt’s mom; we displayed a ‘homage’ of family wedding photographs at the reception … I’m sure you get the idea by now.

Matt and I had so much fun planning our wedding (although, I think he enjoyed planning the honeymoon just a little bit more) and not only could we have not done it without the support of our families, but we couldn’t have done it without the amazingly talented and incredibly courteous staff of Stafford’s Perry Hotel – especially Angie Whitener. Our experience at the Perry Hotel, from its inception, is one that cannot be explained with the dignity it deserves – we were so impressed by the level of professionalism, the attention to detail, and the genuine care and concern the entire staff orchestrated for us. I wish I could say we wanted to ‘do it all over again’, but we don’t … we absolutely don’t want to do it over again because everything was PERFECT (and, looking back – we kind of like the fact that Mother Nature didn’t cooperate).

In conclusion, our wedding day (or, shall I say evening) in late September of last year is only a memory now but, when we look at the pictures, it’s almost as if that memory comes alive again. We are forever grateful to you, to the staff and to the walls of the building itself: thank you.

Submitted by Kristen G.

Matt & Kristen’s Fall Wedding

Wedding Ingredients

Congratulations Matt & Kristen. Best wishes from all of us at Stafford’s!






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