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Wedding Feature: Theresa & Nick

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Theresa & Nick were married in September at Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey, MI.

Their Story

Nick and I met when his mother set us up on a blind date. She met me at a tennis club and was so persistent that I couldn’t say no. Neither of us were interested in being set up, but went along with it because we didn’t have anything better to do. The blind date was December 13, 2007 and by New Year’s Eve we were a couple. I guess Nick’s mom knew what she was doing!

We have always loved going to Toronto, it is easy to get to and so much fun, even in the winter, so we make a trip there every year. When Nick decided to propose, he wanted it to be special and what was more special than Toronto, our city? He chose a very nice restaurant, Canoe, which was 54 floors up overlooking downtown. He originally planned to propose with dessert, but got so nervous that he did it right as we sat down. It was so romantic and thoughtful, and I never saw it coming!

We chose to marry in northern Michigan because we love Michigan; we are both natives and knew that we wanted to get married in our home state. However, we wanted our wedding to be special and wanted to show our guests a different, rustic side of Michigan. I immediately thought of Petoskey and the beautiful Perry Hotel on the hill. Also, our guests were thrilled with the idea of a mini-destination wedding at the tail end of summer.

When I got engaged, I wanted to have a vintage wedding, something that was traditional with a bit of the flair of days gone by. Downtown Petoskey is the perfect setting for such a wedding. It is so incredibly beautiful, like it has been preserved in time. The Perry Hotel was exactly what I was looking for, with its beautiful, timeless rose garden and the welcoming façade. I even bought little mini Adirondack chairs for the guests place cards to match the Adirondacks at the hotel.

Our wedding was a perfect day without a cloud in the sky, it felt vintage and timeless and everyone had a wonderful time. It truly was a magical day.

Submitted and written by Theresa M.

Wedding Ingredients

Ceremony Location: St. Francis Xavier Parish

Reception Location: Rose Garden Veranda at Stafford’s Perry Hotel

Cake: Sweet Maria’s Confections

Flowers & Centerpieces: Monarch Garden and Floral

Dress: Paradiso Couture Dress – Le Salon Bridal

Color Scheme: Navy, Turquoise and White

Photographer: Misty Minna Photography

Congratulations Theresa & Nick. Best wishes from all of us at Stafford’s!






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