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State of Michigan Dedication

State of Michigan Recognition | 60 Years of Family-Owned Hospitality

November 15,2021

It was an honor to receive recognition from the State of Michigan. As special tribute was presented by Michigan representative John Damoose on Friday, November 12. 

"To Stafford Smith and your three generations who joined us today to celebrate 60 years of Stafford Hospitality - you are leaving a legacy of hard work and kind service to our entire region," Damoose stated in a Facebook post on Friday. 

Receiving the special recognition on behalf of Stafford's Hospitality (left to right): Stafford Andrew Smith a 3rd Generation Hotelier/Assistant General Manager of Stafford's Perry Hotel, Brian Ewbank President and CEO of Stafford's Hospitality, Lori Smith wife to Reginald Smith, Stafford Reginald Smith 2nd Generation Hotelier/Chairman of Stafford's Hospitality, John Damoose Michigan State Representative, Stafford & Janice Smith Founders and Dudley Marvin Past President of Stafford's Hospitality. 

The recognition plaque states the following: 

LET IT BE KNOWN, That it is with deep appreciation of the significance of this milestone that we commend the management and staff of Stafford's Hospitality as they mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of this exemplary name. We are proud to recognize the important role that this enterprise has played in contributing to both the economic well-being of the area and the lives of countless citizens. 

Since its founding in Petoskey, Stafford's Hospitality has become a prominent figure in Northern Michigan and has contributed greatly to all aspects of life in Petoskey. This success in maintaining competitiveness during an era of many challenges in the direct result of the commitment and agility of the staff to work to offer the best in experiences and services over the years. Even as our cyclical Michigan economy has presented obstacles to growth and stability, Stafford's Hospitality has sustained itself through dedication and innovation. 

In looking back over 60 years of Stafford's Hospitality's history, it is clear that they have set a course with a continuing look to the future. While the changes of the marketplace dictate many of the decisions for any good company, they have demonstrated the importance of looking beyond the balance sheet along to include the ideas of the people and the role of the company in community life in making choices. We are grateful for all that Stafford's Hospitality has contributed to Petoskey and all of Michigan. 

IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, Therefore, This document is signed and dedicated to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Stafford's Hospitality. We salute the management and staff on this happy occasion and wish them well in the years to come. 

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