a group of men holding a plaque
cristen and jody
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State of Michigan Dedication
Neighbors in Need
partners summer 2021
Large pointer white boat in the ocean
Staff of the hotel standing on the front steps of the hotel smiling at a camera
Man holding a older black and white photograph of a woman
Woman in black uniform and dark hair working behind the bar
Van towing a large new sign for Bay View inn
acorn squash on a white plate with silverware on the side
perry hotel fall color
yellow and orange sky with sun setting over the lake
pineapple fountain with pink blooming flowers around the bottom
buffalo chicken dip with green onions on top
Image with copy 'its time to celebrate dad' with pink sunset in the background
Kitchen staff standing in front of the hotel holding an award
exterior of large hotel with a green roof and cream painted sides
wedding hall of fame award with the staff standing in front of the hotel with their uniform
green grass next to the lake with a boat and dock
picture of newly decorated restaurant with refreshed on the image