At Stafford’s, our number one goal is to take care of our guests. Our internships offer real-time, hands-on experience in many departments. You will learn many skills from our seasoned managers and team including communication, problem solving, managing, accountability and leadership. And, you will have fun! The hospitality industry is an exciting and fast-paced work environment.

Internship Testimonials


“During my internship at Stafford’s Pier, I found myself engaging to something bigger than fast food restaurant. I told myself to take the first step and see what opportunities lies ahead. The experience grew over the 3 months I was here this summer and I wanted to extend my experience with the Stafford’s. As I work under Jody and Cristen, the Pier became my family. I am certain that I made a great call of selecting this company because of their outstanding beliefs and values. As the new member of the management team at the Stafford’s Pier, I can say that I am a fast learner, attentive, motivated, and hard working. I can only hope that I could offer something back to the company as the years go on. With this new learning experience I look forward to grow, to have fun and learn at all times”.

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“Working at the pier was an amazing experience in a beautiful location! I learned a lot from a summer at Stafford’s, from back of house to front of house management. The team at Stafford’s is very fun and inviting.”

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"I started my first Stafford's experience at the Perry Hotel in 2011. It was such a wonderful and engaging experience. They really care about providing experience in all areas of operation: housekeeping, front desk, events, and food & beverage. The whole team was extremely kind and helpful. I ended up returning the next summer to work at the (then brand-new) Crooked River Lodge as an Operations Supervisor. They really have your best interests in mind and will work with you to find your strengths and help improve wherever needed. Plus, not much can beat Northern Michigan in the summer! Make sure you take a trip to Mackinaw City to get some Joann's Fudge!"

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Internship Opportunities
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Stafford’s Hospitality Intern Requirements & Qualifications (applies to all internships)

  • Ability to work long hours and be flexible with scheduling
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • A computer background is beneficial
  • Must be able to work through the duration of the summer months
  • Must possess a high level of self-discipline, persistence and patience
  • Must be able to recognize and solve problems
  • Ability to motivate, improve teamwork and raise morale among employees often engaged in difficult challenging and stressful work

Housing available for internships. Please complete the online employment application below for the position in which you are interested.